Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have a deep and personal connection to NYC. I lived in the area for a year working as a nanny. I moved just three months before September 11th. Everytime I look at pictures of NYC now it just is a very poingnant and visual reminder of the lives lost that day.

Today I am honoring those people. I am remembering the tragedy, the fear, the uncertainty. I am participating in The Day of Service today.

I know none of us will ever forget that day.


LFSAlden said...

Beloved Great Spirit,
Hold our heroes, our remembered dead, our bereft families
In the palm of your hand.

MindySue said...

I personally didn't lose anyone on that day, but like everyone else I lost a little bit of my sense of safety. I am forever grateful to the women and men who serve our country as they restore our safety here at home. Also to those in uniform on the local and state levels, including but not limited to the Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Doctors and Nurses. Thank you all for the time you give for each of us.

Vintageenvy said...

I lived in a suburb of DC when it happened. I'll never forget spending all day wondering why everyone was getting pulled out of classes left and right and then finding out what happened just before I went home. They wouldn't (rightfully so) tell us until the end of the day what had happened because so many of had parents working in or near the pentagon (my dad included) or as pilots.

I'm eternally thankful to say I didn't personally lose anyone that day, but know many who did. We'll never forget, but we'll always remember.