Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inside Fall Quidditch Information!

::Small white Arctic Fox runs to blog with clipboard:: 
::Selene nowhere insight::
::scrabbles loose sheet of paper off clipboard, lets it slip off in the blog where it can be clearly seen by passers-by::
::on top, a post it note: 
Jamie - you think we should do this again, considering they’ll need house colors this fall? - Selene
::over which is scrawled - 
S - they can use any house’s colors, right? - J
::and the large piece of paper to which the notes are affixed is written on canary yellow paper in NeedlesNSwiffer’s clear hand:
I started tagging my yarn I’d be willing to trade with qravenclaw. So far it’s all Ravenclaw colors. :D But if another house should crop up, I’ll tag it accordingly… qhufflepuff qslytherin qgryffindor. If anybody else wants to do the same, I bet your Sharing Beater will spot you a butterbeer on the next trip to Hogsmeade…


Steph said...


~ Needlesnswiffers, still overrun with Ravenclaw yarn

LFSAlden said...

I'm coming to search your stash!

YakiraKnits said...

Chortle. Snort. Giggle.
*Scampers away.*