Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quidditch Challenge today!

Courtesy of Suenosdejmi: with additions from me (LNS)

In the deepest dark of the night, Assistant Coach Dreamy Jamie soars into the Quidditch Pitch, pulling a small trunk behind her broomstick. She stops rather suddenly, and then races down to the ground.

“FOXY?!?!?! Why are there Rice Crispies all over the pitch?!?!?!”

She pulls out her wand and whispers “evanesco maxima!” The Rice Crispies vanish. She turns and hurries back to where the trunk sits, waiting next to her broom. She taps it with her wand, and it opens to reveal several Quaffles. Leaving the Quaffles in the trunk to wait on their users, she mounts her broom and soars up up into the air.

Although never proven canonically, I like to think that 'evanesco maxima' is a real spell. real as any spell could be, considering... agree(1)

Hats Off to the HATS OFF Challengers!

For FirstAid we have badamy of Slytherin, theknittedjuggler of Gryffindor, sleep2dreamher of Ravenclaw, andvspringer of Hufflepuff. YAY!
For Double, Double, Toil and Trouble we have aksherry of Hufflepuff, pennyIA of Gryffindor, alethea of Ravenclaw, and ajkane of Slytherin. YAY!
For ThreeIsAMagicNumber anna92 for Gryffindor, peanutzmom of Slytherin, therealkarity of Ravenclaw, andcoribug of Hufflepuff. YAY!
For QuadDragon Heartstring Equation we have lavenderblueskies for Ravenclaw, feederofthepack for Hufflepuff,naturallyknitty for Gryffindor, and noneinnyet for Slytherin! YAY!
For FifthForce we have lupingirl of Gryffindor, caitirin of Slytherin, cindiknits of Hufflepuff, and devonc of Ravenclaw. YAY!
The Sexy Hexers are invoking the substitution rule, and will have mindysue of Gryffindor and Team ThreeIsAMagicNumber playing for them! Joining her are omly for Slytherin, xamonster for Ravenclaw and eitherknitforbrains or stitchywitchy representing Hufflepuff. YAY!

waits for the applause to die down ::applauds some more from the press box!::

Challengers, please read this whole post carefully.

NOW, the rules for this challenge are quite simple. You will be making hats, as many as you want, for 15 points per adult/child hat and 15 points per every 2 preemie/baby hats (if you make an uneven number of baby hats, the uneven numbered one will receive 8 points) There will be no points given for partial hats. Points will be awarded based on pictures posted in this thread only, and no more hats will be accepted for points after 11:59 PM Saturday Pacific time. Please make sure you know what time this is in your time zone if you plan on knitting/crocheting until the last minute!

Coach gazebogal and I will be around at different times throughout the day to cheer and be amazed at your awesome hat crafting skills! I work a 2nd shift job, so I will be gone from 2 to 10 pm Eastern time. And I’m going to sleep now, so I won’t be around in the am hours either, but I’ll be stopping in to check on you all before I go!

I will be around at various points during the day also, for play-by-play analysis and sound effects when you turn things in! Woohoo!

A little birdie also told me that there might quite possibly be a prize given to someone participating in this challenge! Ask me how I know!!! Or ask Gazebogal. :) love (1)


Take a picture of the yarns you plan on making hats out of. YOU DO NOT have to post this picture now, you may post it anytime later in the day. It must be posted in this thread before the end of the challenge (11:59 pm Saturday Pacific time) or you may be disqualified. Hats MUST be posted here in the Quidditch Pitch(not in your Year Team Threads) in order to be counted for points. You may post them throughout the day if you wish, or all together at the end. If you make multiple hats that are exactly the same, please spare my paranoid Slytherin brain any torture and post them all together in one photo, yes? Yes.

Reserve players, who might step in if needed, you may start whenever you like, but please do not post your finished projects here in this thread unless you are contacted by the person for whom you would be filling in.

Everyone make sure to stay hydrated, and eat, and enjoy yourselves making awesome hats!

This Quidditch Announcement is sponsored by scarlettb’s birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! agree (1)

P.S. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your post for bloggy goodness.

P.P.S. "bloggy goodness" sounds like "soggy goodness" which is clearly a contradiction of terms. Soggy ≠ good.

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