Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Official Headmistress Challenge

Good Morning Students!

I just want to make sure that you all know that there is a blog and it is updated frequently. So, for the challenge this term I'm going to make it easy.

Please post a comment about how the house cup has changed your life. Don't forget to include you Rav name and the house you are in so I can award points!

And if you haven't done so... become a follower!!!

He's totally cute, huh!?!


Anethema Device said...

Anethemadevice of Slytherin.

The House Cup has had an effect on me in many ways. My productivity and creativity has certainly increased, and I have even learnt to crochet.

In addition to that I have met people I would never otherwise have met, and had (and will continue having) a wonderful time all around.

Thank you PrincessO for having the idea.

Kristin said...

The House Cup has changed my life by connecting me with other knitters in a way that I've never known before. I have increased my knitting friends dramatically and even been able to meet up with people in my hometown for knitting nights. It is so nice to be a part of a group of people with a common connection and a desire to support each other's creative and RL pursuits.

BrineyDeep - Ravenclaw

Sheena said...

oooh I might be the first if my internet is nice.
Any way the house cup has made me actually finish projects, I currently only have three lasting wips and those are just for when we get a class assignment for wips.
Oh and I'm Anna92 of Gryffindor, now I better get off to work on my OWL...

13moonsago said...

13moonsago of Ravenclaw

Although I am only a second year the House Cup has helped me become better at finishing projects on deadline. It has also pushed me to knit my first sweater for an OWL.

Stephanie said...

The cup has changed my knitting life in that I have taken on more projects than I would have normally. I'm also trying new things more often, which is awesome!
slmoses of Gryffindor

Anonymous said...

Not only has the House Cup increased my productivity and imagination, but it has increased my confidence. I am no longer worried that explaining knitting to friends/employers/tutors will make me sound wierd. I am also no longer afraid to suggest ideas about modules or work because I know how to put that sort of thing across now. Being a former Professor/HoH has it's advantages.

I am no longer afraid to make socks in class, and find it brilliant when tutors say 'still on with the socks, huh?' because I know no matter what happens I have my fellow House Cuppers to be sad or excited to when I get back. I have found kindred souls, people who introduce me to new thinks, both crafty and non-crafty. I have a whole new set of proof readers, and people to design for. In short, I have some of the best friends I have ever made.

♥ to you all.

cmelvin, Ravenclaw

kepharel said...

Knititblack of Ravenclaw.

The House Cup has helped me to work on smaller projects than I would normally choose, and to find joy in that. I'm someone who constantly challenges myself to do bigger, more complicated projects, but sometimes it's really nice to just knit a mug cozy! I never understood "instant gratification" knitting, but now I enjoy making things that only take a few weeks instead of a few months!

It's also been helpful in providing me with deadlines, because I'm such a process knitter that I don't usually care how long it takes to make something, which means I rarely finish things. Now, all of a sudden, I have LOTS of finished projects!

Sarah Jo Mosbeck said...

SarahJoKnits of Slytherin

Wow. Where to begin? Well, i've never been much of a "team" person, but through the House Cup i've found people who cheer You on no matter how good or bad You're doing, and then offer virtual treats and pics of Hotties when You're blue, or do particularly well.
It's encouraged me to try things i would never have tried, and to knit more - because i have a Hermione streak and want to do everything. ;)
And ScarlettB rocks.

Kelly said...

The hp house cup has really changed my life. I found it in January. During the fall, I had a bit on a mental breakdown. My car broke, and my hubby was at school and work and the library from morning though evening. I couldn't find a job, or anything to do. I had moved down to where he went to school at, so I had no friends, and no one to talk to. In an effort to make a friend, I knitted a baby blanket for a new mom a few apartments away, but stopped knitting after I found out that it never moved from the chair she tossed it on when I gave it to her.I was literally curled up in a ball, doing nothing but watching tv all day, unable to do anything.

The house cup has given me friendship and support at a time when I desperately needed it. I have made so many dear, close friends on here. I have so much more happiness and self-esteem, and I'm knitting again!!! I would be completely lost without this group.

Thank you sooooo much for creating this group! I love my fellow Hufflepuffs!

kell13 from hufflepuff :)

Cattiekins said...

the house cup has had quite an effect, I've tried things I wouldn't have thought to try by myself, I've found friends, encouragement, my productiveness has shot through the roof, and i know that should i meet something that might worry me then there will be someone in the cup who's done it before and is willing to hold your hand as you try it.

thank you everyone :D

Cattiekins, Slytherin

xamonster said...

This is xamonster of Ravenclaw. I think the House Cup has had a very interesting effect on my life, and from more than one perspective. As far as crafting — mostly knitting and crochet — I have become a lot more prolific in my work. There's been exponential growth in the sheer number of projects I take on (and I even finish most of them, which is cool). I've also challenged myself more as a result of the Cup. (I will cite last term's failed Ancient Runes OWL; fair isle is still intimidating to me. However this term's Herbology OWL has me really excited about cables, and I think I'll be successful.) I've also come to get to know a lot of truly excellent people thanks to the Cup, and I will treasure their friendships for a long, long time. Thank you, dear Headmistress, for coming up with such a fun, and life-changing, group.

Anonymous said...

acwmaiden, NQFY (DOH!!! Can my points go to Hufflepuff??? They forgot I wasn't one yet ;-D)

How House Cup changed my life. As a NQFY, I have found House Cup to be highly motivating for finishing my WIPs to not have them hanging over my head as I get ready to embark on my first term this coming summer!

I have also made many new friends who, while they're still scattered around the globe, all feel like they could be living down the street and we could pop in with each other any time and sit down to tea and crafting :-D

In learning to knit this past January, House Cup has encouraged me to knit faster and contemplate taking on bigger projects sooner than I might have had I not had the House Cup to push me :-D (Can we say planning to make the Shipwreck Shawl during the fall term when all I know how to do at this moment is k and p????)

I love House Cup! It's opened my mind up to soooo many different patterns and explorations in crafting than I ever imagined was possible! Thank you SO MUCH for inventing this group! :-D

Julia C said...

Did I tell you guys that last year I wrote my Sophomore paper about our group? Because I did. The assignment was to observe a cohesive group of people and write an ethnographic description of them. My professor wasn't sure that the internet counted, but I convinced her to at least let me give it a try, and she liked the final product so much that I got an A (and she asked me to teach her to knit).

Because of the camraderie, I have a new little niece and nephew as well as a pseudo-big-sister. (Hi, Team Gazebo!)

Because of OWLs, I have become more aware of the time it takes me to do things (both knitting and otherwise) and begun scheduling myself appropriately to fit the greatest number of things into my time.

Because of being the Slytherin HoH, I got through an endless stretch of illness without succumbing to depression (as I usually do when I'm sick in the fall), thanks to the incredibly-well-timed boxes my Snakelings sent me.

Because of the meetups and the raving over my shirts by the people I saw there, I have gotten up the courage to work toward opening an etsy store to sell my original fangirly silkscreens.

Because of the House Cup, I have become a better version of myself (if, perhaps, an even dorkier one than I already was).

Scarlettb, Slytherin

Anonymous said...

kimanneberly of Gryffindor

The cup has changed my life in so many ways. I no longer just sit around and say "Boy, I wish I could do that", or "I really should make that for...". I just do it now. Almost always it fits into a class. I have become so good about deadlines and pacing myself to get everything done.

The cup is a place where I can come and feel comraderie with my fellow house cuppers. I may not say much, but I do participate and love reading about everyone else. It is my escape from real life. When it all just gets to be too much, I step back and have a giggle at something that someone has said or done.

Jen said...

TriGirlJ of Ravenclaw

As a first year, I've found the House Cup to be pretty amazing. For one, I've gotten so many more knitting projects done than I would have otherwise in the same time frame! More importantly, I've had the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of people that I am happy to call friends.

Thank you all for your hard work!!

Jedi Meg said...

Jedimeg16 of Gryffindor

The House Cup has helped me to be a more productive crafter and has allowed me to branch out into pattern designing. So far I have designed my own pattern for 3 classes since the Fall 2009 term.

The House Cup has also helped me to not be so critical of my own work. I am a perfectionist by nature, and if I don't do something perfectly the first time I call myself a failure and quit. So far because of the encouragement of the Gryffs and others I've developed more confidence in myself and more pride in my work.

Margot said...

xoxoMargot of Ravenclaw

the house cup has been a really great thing for me. I'll have been here a year next term! i started when i was 17 and i'm now 18! I've made so many friends, been able to get through projects much quicker, greatly improved my knitting skills(my first cabled and lace projects happened here), and I've matured a lot by gaining experience and advice from the adults!

Elizabeth said...

MightyGoodYarn of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has done the following:

1. !Increased my productivity! many times over.

2. Brought me great fun with the wonderful class assignments.

3. Given me a support network as I hash out design ideas.

4. Introduced me to a group of very fun and interesting people.

5. Helped me learn new organization skills with the chance to take on a little leadership role within my house.

And more! Hoorah!

linuxchic said...

The House Cup has had many positive influences in my life. OWLs have taught me how to plan projects, keep them going, make more than one of any given thing (I made 16 slippers Fall 09 term when I had never even made two of anything!) and the beauty of swatching when needed. I learned lace, I crocheted socks, I made my first crochet sweater in four days, I learned how to knit socks when I never thought I would and hated trying, I learned to dye yarn and have now gotten a spinning wheel.

I have come further in my fiber skills since becoming involved in the Cup in just two terms than I had in almost 10 years of crocheting. To think I have only been knitting for a little over a year! Making 6-10 things every month has become second nature and I am no longer intimidated by patterns like I once was. Thanks to the cup I have started publishing my own patterns!

I have made some great friends and look forward to hanging out at HPKCHC on Rav (the Slytherin hotties are a big plus hehe). I feel like I know people and their families, their hobbies and their likes and dislikes. Signing into Rav and going to the HPKCHC board is like calling up a good friend.

Has the House Cup changed my life? In every way imaginable!

SuperM said...

I've learned to crochet! OK, that might not change my life, but the House Cup has definitely stretched me with crafting, in a good way.

I love the house community too. It's so much fun to be around people from so many different places in life.

Karen said...

Kikipotamus for Slytherin

The House Cup may has saved my sanity, and I do not say that lightly. Some days it was the only thing I had to look forward to, the only "me" time I had (things are better now). I've met some people I consider real friends and I am constantly amazed at the generosity and affection I see here every day. Oh, about the knitting......I'm way more productive and I don't believe there is anything I couldn't knit now, with the support and help of those around me in the House Cup!

Anonymous said...

RChrispy of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has made knitting fun again for me. I joined to add spark to those moments when I was having a hard time feeling motivated between my design work.

I had a blast in January while my mind took a vacation. Sadly Feb and March were less participation because of helping to run the Ravelympics and work on a massive design project.

Kim said...

I have become so much more productive and fearless with my knitting. As a fairly new knitter I am challenged to finish things faster and to consider projects I never would have. I also don't have many knitting friends, and none my age, so the house cup has filled the void in my life. Its been great to interact with other knitters on a daily basis!
Inkslinger1121- Ravenclaw

linuxchic said...

Ding dong I am not so awake today, please note that I am linuxchic here and also linuxchic of Slytherin there. Gah! Reminder to myself to sign my comments next time (see previous comment I left). Sorry! :(

Sadielou said...

Sadielou of Ravenclaw.

For me, the House Cup has:

-increased productivity
-introduced me to a whole bunch of interesting people worldwide
-taught me a lot about the person I am and how to be proud of who that is, even if she is a hopeless geek ;)
-taught me that Yarn Is Not For Puppies
-encouraged me to try two new crafts (crocheting and spinning)
-given my boyfriend another reason to roll his eyes at me
-helped me continue as a fearless knitter
-provided me with countless recipes, book recommendations, inspiration for projects, and a whole new apprecation for my friends (both RL and internetual)

...a better question would be, what hasn't the House Cup done for me? xxx

Anonymous said...

RChrispy of Ravenclaw

It has brought a spark back into my knitting. I love having a theme and trying to meet that theme. Its what makes me strive for more powerful projects.

I had a blast in January completing every class while I took a break from my design work. Feb and March have been a bit less involved in the HC but I've still enjoyed the friendship and cool ideas and projects. I have been too busy helping run the Ravelympics and doing some massive design projects to be overly involved. And I had some awesome ideas for classes.

Elise said...

EyeAmElise of Gryffindor.

Setting up intermediate goals with real structured deadlines has been a great thing that the House Cup has done to change my life. I have been known to start a project, and alas! It languishes for months before I remember it exists and pick it up again or get confused about what I was doing when I put it down and frog it. With the House Cup, I have the desire to finish it up, get creative with assignments, and improve my photography.

The House Cup has improved my habits to the point that in my 101 thing in 1001 days, I have included participating in the House Cup several more times.

LFSAlden said...

Well! I no longer care that I don't do housework! I understand my spouse's compulsion to follow his web sites; he understands my frustration with his compulsion... and really can't say anything about his frustration with mine :)

I have friends of a depth and longevity which is hard for me with 3D people - one must make *time* to get over for a cup of coffee, and that's a thing we don't have in abundance in this culture. The folks who have coffee with me at the House Cup? Their posts are there for me when I have a brief, happy moment - and my words of caffeinated morning cheer are waiting for when they are ready.

My crafting has leapt by glacier-fuls! I've tried lace! I've tried colorwork! I have used the Ravelry organization tools to great potential!

And... I'm less afraid. I almost didn't ever sign up because of the "Do you like competition?" tag line, way back when. But the idea for Quidditch was too much for me to ignore. So - I compete in the friendliest possible way - *and* will total effort! I have taken on professors' challenges and risen to them. I've had accomplishments that are real, satisfying, and deep. and I've had spectacular fails...and laughed at them with my dear, dear friends. I've even taken on some leadership responsibility and so far, so good!

Then there's Foxy. He's therapy. He's me, learning to play. He's my embassador in many ways - my guide in other ways.

Yeah, actually, the House Cup has been my mid-life crisis. A pretty awesome one. Frankly, Headmistress, dear? Life changing.

Thank you.

- GazeboGal of Ravenclaw.

aksherry said...

aksherry of Hufflepuff

I have met some of the nicest!!! people in the House Cup and it has helped me focus on projects and actually get them done!!
I made a pair of stranded mittens for my OWL that I have wanted to make forever. This has been my first term but it won't be my last!

Airmidm said...

I have learned to knit which was huge for me.

Airmidm of Slytherin

Vanessa said...

The House Cup has challenged me to be creative and to knit faster! I learnt so many new things, and made items that I would never have thought to make!

I have had a wonderful time meeting new people, and it's been very inspiring to see what the other students are making. It's been wonderful to share common obsessions (well for me they are obsessions) of HP, as well as knitting! It's also another route to sharing MY items and ideas.

Thank you Princess! Vanessamn of Gryffindor

stacylynnshelton said...

stacylovesyarn of Gryffindor here!

I would say that the House Cup has helped me to be more focused in my projects and has also given me an outlet for some creative writing. It has been fun coming up with project ideas and bouncing around wild stories with my House mates. I've been enjoying the challenge of coming up with ways to make the projects I want to make fit into a class category.

Also, I'm really excited about the branch-off Traveling Scarf group and the upcoming Team Boggart scarves. I can hardly wait to see what sort of collaborative wearable art we come up with.

YakiraKnits said...

Yakira of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has challenged me to not only become a better knitter and a better friend but it has helped me complete projects that would have otherwise sat for months in the UFO pile.

I have made friendships here that I hope will last for many many years to come.

Thank you.

Deborah said...

DebPonzio from Gryffindor
The House Cup first of all has just added a lot of FUN to my knitting life. Have a local group of us involved - and we have gotten so close encouraging, comparing, strategizing, cheering, mumbling, swearing, laughing..... all because of getting involved in this.
Second... I have gotten so much more done... am more organized... and more
thoughful about what I choose to work on. It's been great!
Third... have been amazed at how GENEROUS others can be. I am in awe of the time that so many are giving to make this incredible opportunity. I often tell people that many businesses could look at this group as a model for getting things done. Thanks to all of you!!!

Becky said...

mommyknitz of Ravenclaw

How has the House Cup changed me? Oh let me count the ways:

1. Made me a more daring crafter. I never would have tried so many new techniques so quickly.

2. Helped me gauge how long a project will take. I'm still working on this.

3. Broaden my horizons as far as people by chatting in the common rooms. So many interesting people with such different lives than my own. It has opened me up to new spiritual and personal levels that I can't adequately explain it.

4. The challenge of finding projects that I want that will fit a class is very creative-juice flow inducing. I love that feeling of, "What can I find that will fit?"

5. The positive atmosphere is like a virtual hug. It is so wonderful having a safe place to express and turn to when you are having a bad day as well as a good day.

6. It has increased my production. I no longer have that feeling of "what am I going to do next?" Sometimes we all need a little guidance. The cup/classes provide that in so many ways. Inspirational.

I could continue, but you get the idea.

Thanks for starting this PrincessO.

SorryCookie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SorryCookie said...

The House Cup has helped me to stay connected with my grandmother and best friend, who passed this summer. It has helped me to pick up a skill she left me and run with it. I feel so much more confident in the things I produce and what I can attempt now.

And I have made so many wonderful friends that I would have missed out on, if this place didn't exist.

Beyby of Ravenclaw

wintermoon said...

I still find myself amazed at how much knitting (and some crocheting) I've done in my three terms with the House Cup. I've tried new techniques, pushed my knitting speed, spent much more time with my needles, created new patterns, and met some great people. I've donated Quidditch knitting to keep babies warm. I've made friends and even got to visit a couple of them.

The personal challenges and new skills have been immeasurable and even though I may not have the time to participate next term, I will forever be grateful to the Cup and continue checking in when I can.

Wintermoon - Slytherin

Anonymous said...

I <3 the House Cup! I have so many new friends and my knitting has increased in both complexity and total productivity. I just love being able to post in response to questions and love all the baby and pet pictures.

Thanks, PrincessOnica... this is the best idea ever!

shoeboots said...

The House Cup has allowed me to think about my crafting in different ways, and helped me from sliding into long stretches of non-productivity. In addition, I'm constantly amazed by the great work and creativity coming out of the classes, which has led to a much heftier queue in the meantime!

kiratael said...

Mauri of Gryffindor.

The House Cup really dragged me into the forums part of Ravelry, for which I'm grateful. I've really enjoyed not only the increased productivity, but the interactions with the friends I have made here.

Katie said...

Hilltopkatie from Slytherin

I knit more, I challenge myself more, I learn to bit my tongue on an infrequent basis and decide how to say things in a more diplomatic way!

xenniferx said...

xenniferx of Slytherin.

I have become much better, since joining, at planning out my projects, and setting to work on them, instead of setting them down.

I've also made awesome FOs that I didn't know I needed until they became practical homework, but I've really enjoyed having them.

Because of the House Cup, I've written my own pattern, which is something I didn't think I would ever do.

It causes me to think outside the box and try new techniques. I have a great time being a part of this excellent group of crafters.

bijou3owl said...

Bijou3owl of Hufflepuff

I wouldn't be addicted to Rav if it weren't for the cup.

I wouldn't have done some of the amazing things I have if it weren't for the cup (case-in-point: the rainbow scarf. I would have started it, gotten about 6" in, and abandoned it without the cup).

I've gotten inspired by everybody, and it's kept me knitting. (normally, I'll knit for six months or so, intensively, and then get bored with it, switch to reading or video games or something, etc.)

Anonymous said...

He's totally adorable!


The house cup has made me a much more proficient and productive knitter... I pick something to knit, and I get it done... my startitis has deminished significantly! Additionally, the HC has encouraged me to try new techniques... I'm not nearly as afraid because I have a ton of people here who've probably already DONE the technique and can help me if I get confused or stuck!

I LOVE the house cup, thank you PrincessO!!!

Adora said...

Pertela of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has vastly improved my crafting and expanded my knowledge. I came into it less about a year after relearning crochet. Now I've knit lace shawls, a jacket, and am currently working on my first pair of socks!

I love being able to take my knitting newbie questions to my house and getting detailed answers and no eye rolls. The RL knitters I know would never be able to offer the advice and experience that the Cup offers.

The deadlines have greatly helped my productivity and give me a sense of accomplishment when I turn something in. I know it's just a hobby and a game, but I feel so proud to contribute to my House!

I love the House Cup!

Jaclyn Bailey said...

JaclynBailey of Gryffindor here!

The house cup has changed my life for the better in several ways. One way is that I am more motivated to actually finish the projects I start in a timely fashion instead of starting a million things and finishing none....

Also I have met some really amazing people who I like to consider true friends.

Maria said...

The House Cup has certainly had an effect on my life. From a crafting perpective the House Cup has significantly improved my productivity, and encouraged me to complete more handmade gifts. I found the courage to try knitting again (and succeed this time), and to try all manner of new, different, exciting, and scary techniques.

On the personal front, the Ravenclaw Tower is particularly amazing. The support, love, happiness, and good vibes that eminate from the Tower are outstanding. From the Tower I have found strength when I needed it, commisseration when I needed it, a laugh when I needed it, and a good cry when I needed it. The Tower truly has become my home away from home.

I am in awe of the creativity, friendship, and community I have found through the House Cup, and am so thankful that I stumbled across the group. I am even more thankful to Headmistress Onica for starting it up, and all of our lovely staff that keep it going.

MariainCT of Ravenclaw

Road said...

Threadless of Gryffindor here. Second year.

In my first year, the House Cup brought about a spike of productivity. I upped my FO list by many during that first term, despite the lack of available knitting time.

This second year my real life has intruded into my knitting time in a rather large way, and I find myself submitting the minimums each rotation. I hope this changes for me soon, but in the meantime I've focused on communications and creativity. I've kept in good contact (I think!) with my Lion Pride, and met some wonderful folks. And as every class has posted, I've whipped out my little notebook and come up with ideas, despite the inability to find time to execute them!


kiri.stitching.magic said...

He is very cute indeed!

Thanks to the Housecup I've made wonderful new friends, finished many projects, and added Hufflepuff to my own self definition. I think the last is the part I'm most proud of :O)

Huzzah Hufflepuff!


Tricia said...

SFCorgi of Ravenclaw, submitting my essay on how the House Cup has changed my life.

Since joining the House Cup and the honorable house of Ravenclaw, I have noticed several changes in my crafting and myself.

The variety of assignments in the Cup have led me to be more creative in my crafting, and given me inspiration to dream up new and different projects to fit the requirements. Deadlines help me finish my projects on time. I especially tend to procrastinate on projects for others. However, turning in those projects for a class or OWL gives me a reward for finishing them. Since joining the Cup, I have tried new techniques, most notably spinning and dyeing. Finally, as a Ravenclaw overachiever, I'll often add an extra burst of creativity to reach for those bonus points.

That said, the relationships I've formed with my fellow students and staff overshadow any improvements to my project page. Ravenclaw house is a loving and supportive place to go when I need advice or support. In turn, I light a candle almost every night for my housemates who could use some positive thoughts, encouragement or healing. Whether to help me through a rough patch, celebrate with me when I succeed, or simply entertain me when I am bored, my fellow 'Claws are always there.

I particularly enjoyed meeting up with fellow House Cuppers at Stitches West this year. I've got my Slytherin Duckie from my Head Fangirl QallieQ in a place of honor right next to my Cheap Elephant Collection. My in-progress OWL is decked out with THREE different stitch markers made by House Cup members. Thank you, Princess Onica and everyone involved in the HPKCHC, for making a difference to me and so many others.

Anna said...

AnnaMarya from Gryffindor...

I started in the house cup during the first term (I'm a fifth year!) and when I started I was just learning to crochet and was still working on pretty basic knit projects. I also never had much encouragement to finish anything. Thanks to the hpkchc, I've gotten to practice skills I never would have attempted otherwise because I know that there are several people to help me out! And I have motivation to finish everything I start. It also kind of helped introduce me to Rav, which I had for awhile but didn't use much. And I still owe slmoses a big thanks for inviting me to participate!!

Katrin said...

The House Cup made me more interactive. I'm still not the most social person, but I'm getting better at it. I learned how to jump into a conversation and take part in group actions. And it has really brought me to finishing more of my started projects!

curiouskate, Hufflepuff

Younah said...

noonee of Gryffindor

House cup has increased my productivity while challenging me to try new things, like fingerless mitts, and cables!

christie said...

First year clmnj58 of Gryffindor. What has the house cup meant to me: Harmony; Productivity; Knitting; Camraderie; Honor; Challenge. I have become a much braver crafter and can now say "I am a fearless knitter" thanks to the support and encouragement (enablers, you know who you are!) of the cuppers.

Shayla Myst said...

ShaylaMyst from Hufflepuff:

Oh, the ways it's changed my life! I've been more active in finishing projects that I know I will use. I've gotten better at keeping my queue organized. I've met so many awesome people that if there were all in one building, we'd bust the walls! :)

Mainly, it has given me a lovely way to check in with people from all over the world and get to know them just a little bit.

bookworm said...

Tangledskein of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has been everything I've wanted from an online support group-challenges, friends, entertainment, and to repeat-FRIENDS! I've laughed, cried, teased, been teased...with a group of individuals that I've never met but are the first ones I turn to when I have a problem. Thank you all for everything you do-I love you all!

Eurekas said...

Eurekas of Slytherin

The House Cup has inspired me to try new techniques-especially spinning, though I haven't tried yet. The house cup has motivated me to structure my knitting around deadlines, and to try new things--even test out my creative writing skills and teaching skills (although I am not a teacher within the House Cup, it's the friendships there which lead me to try teaching in another group.)

In addition, the assignments and the projects submitted give me an endless list of things I could knit if I only had the time.

CrazyRedheadChick said...

CrazyRedheadChick of Slytherin here.

I don't know what I would do without the House Cup. I probably would have gotten bored with knitting and quit long ago. Plus, I would have far fewer friends!

Thanks Onica!

Joannie said...

I'm much better about thinking ahead to what needs knitting/crocheting so I don't have to craft at the last minute for gifts anymore. I'm finishing more and prettier things and finding that I'm a better writer than I thought. I love the interaction between houses and the fun we have in our common room.

JMN for Hufflepuff.

isisonearth said...

Besides the fact that I never would have learned to knit this well in little more than a year without the Cup to make me push my boundaries I have so many wonderful friends here. Real friends. Friends I see at knit night. Friends in other states that will pick up Giant Squid perfume that can only be had in their home town. Friends in other countries that will spend precious hours picking a perfect pattern to work on my traveling scarf. Friends that send the occasional surprise in the mail just to say they appreciate the hours I put in as HoH. Friends that light candles when I need comfort or luck and know I will do the same. Priceless.

Isisonearth of Ravenclaw

MindySue said...

I'm MindySue of Gryffindor House. I am a second year student at Hogwart's and even though I'm 47 (in RL) I have learned several new thing in 2010. Learning new techiniques and stretching my boundaries is my goal this year. With the help of HPKCHC I have steeked two projects which I also did fair-isle knitting. My owl is a fair-isle bag that will be felted which I self designed. For this month I am designing a hairpin lace scarf and bag.

This group as not only stretch my knitting boundaries but has also allowed me to stretch social boundaries. I am not a anti-social person but am shy and quite around people I do not know. Here I am able to communicate with people I have never met in person but know they are friends.

This year with HPKCHC I had the honor of being a TA, so I have seen so many wonderful projects and read about others experiences and memories.

Thank you for having this wonderful adventure and for inviting us along for the ride.


Amy said...

Seakame of Slytherin. I joined the cup in the middle of last summer's term. As a nqfy I didn't say a thing! I did look at the classes and "secretly" tried to do the one about illusion knitting/crocheting. So one big change is I have been more willing and excited to try new things, such as knitting, socks and color changes. After getting officially sorted in the fall I chatted more and I have made so many wonderful friends from all the houses. I think, like others have touched upon, the support and kindness I have gotten from everyone has made me a happier person.

Michelle said...

The House Cup totally changed my life! I joined Ravelry about a year ago, and shortly after joining, I discovered the House Cup. I didn't really knit regularly before that, and I had only just learned how to crochet. Now I churn out about a bajillion projects (and I even finish them! They're useable!); I've learned colorwork, illusion knitting, lace knitting, shaping, short rows, socks, improvising and designing, continental knitting, I've knit a queen-sized blanket in 17 days and a sweater in a week, not to mention a knitted bikini! I've grown very comfortable with crochet in a short amount of time, I've taken up spinning and even experimented with dying. It's nudged me to do more charity knitting (I'm looking at you, GazeboGal), and pushed the limits of my creativity in more ways than one -- half the fun is in "selling" that assignment when you turn it in!

The House Cup has also affected my crafting social life. I've gotten to know so many great people, and I've overcome my fear of actually posting in forums (ha, can you imagine?). Even in real life -- HC has given me the motivation to go out there to my own local knitting and spinning groups and get social with people in my town as well.

The House Cup came to me at a difficult time in my life: I had just graduated from college, far ahead of schedule due to financial constraints, and I had no idea what to do with myself. To be honest, I still don't know what to do with myself, but... I'm getting there. And it's been wonderful to be in this group with my fellow House Cuppers, who are all at different stages in life and have such a rainbow of backgrounds and experiences to share.

And let's not forget: I'm pretty sure that I have spent more money on yarn and fiber in 2010 than I have on food, and my loved ones are starting to wonder where this penchant for green and silver has come from.

-Shenene, Slytherin House

Soprano1 said...

Soprano1 of Ravenclaw here...

I don't know how succinct I can be about this, but I'll try.

The obvious thing, and everyone has said it, is the change to my crafting. The House Cup has given me focus in my knitting; I've taken on oh, so many more and varied types of projects that I never would have tried without the creative assignments. I've learned a ton of new techniques, tried things I'd never have dared without House Cuppers cheering me on, and I've also branched out. Not only has my knitting improved exponentially, but I went from a hesitant, surly crocheter to a fairly accomplished one (I crocheted socks!!!); I dusted off my drop spindle and really made yarn; and I've begun needle-felting as well.

And then there's the less obvious side of House Cup life. I've said it before in my Common Room, but I'll say it here: even though I've only met a few House Cuppers in person, and even though I have a rich, fulfilling "Real Life," I consider the people I've met here to be some of the most important, supportive, dear friends I've ever had in my life. Ravenclaw Tower is a real place for me; when I'm down and I say it in the Common Room, the spirits of my Ravenclaw sisters lift me up.

Princess Onica, you blessed a lot of people when you created this "little" group.

Nicole said...

Drake, NQFY reporting in. In the few months I’ve been hanging around, the HPKCHC has changed my knitting life by injecting a strong dose of motivation.

Now I get projects planned and organized so when classes come in at the beginning of the month, I can match project to class and cast on. Not to mention the incentive to finish! I love a good deadline.

I can already tell that the between-term lull will see me frantically knitting on larger WIPs (a sweater and a lace scarf) to get them out of the way, as well as plotting away for OWL proposals. And look at all the interesting people I’ve met!

Michelle said...

The House Cup has changed my life in quite a few ways.

First of all, it's caused my house to be messier! lol

Second of all, it's helped me hone my knitting skills. Before the Cup, I was afraid of lots of techniques. Now, I do them without batting an eye!

It's taught me to spin. (Thank you Enablers!) ;0)

Most of all, I really enjoy the friendships. I'm a loner IRL. I've got 2 close friends, and that's about it. They had always been busy with work and going to do things. I was always home with my kids. I've made some wonderful Gryffie friends, and they've been such a great support system through the good times and the bad, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Stitchywitchy, 5th year Gryffindor. (we don't get kicked out after our 7th year, do we!?!?!)

carrie-daway said...

carrie-daway RAVENCLAW

My first year has been a blast. It has not only made me more productive but has kept me sane.

Kathleen said...

SnowQueen73 of Slytherin

Well, crikey! How has this changed my life? For starters, it's sucked me back into the world of HP. I used to do an online rpg game on...oh, what was that? EZBoards? Years ago-funny, I was a Slytherin then, too. Anyways... shiny thing.

I have now organized my stash and learned to use the queue and favorites options in Ravelry thanks to assignments. I have more green and silver in my stash. I am better at managing my project time. I have actually attempted designing something because of this game (see COMC OWL). I have finished larger projects (sweater for Ravelympics and lace shawl for Charms OWL). I learned to crochet! Just so I could do the cute little things that all the other people were making. And I have "met" oodles of awesome people here. They make me laugh *I'm looking at you, ScarlettB!!* Has anyone mentioned Slytherin Hotties here, cause it would be a shame to skip them. Ah, I see they have. Just a reminder then, that looking at pretty things enriches our lives. MAKING pretty things is even better. Its like frozen Thin Mint cookies good. They're green too. Ooo, squirrel!

Leesy said...

I never would have even thought of tackling large projects like sweaters if it weren't for my first couple of OWLs. I love my Hufflepuffs, I love the game, and I love you all for making me a better knitter!

leesy of Hufflepuff

Anonymous said...

Rachiesue 2nd year Gryffindor.

The house cup has changed my life because:

1. I have met new people online and IRL that I would have never known and they are truly good people and I am thankful that they are my friends now.

2. I was a very very very non-adventurous knitter before ravelry and only slightly better before the house cup. The challenges and the support you get here help you try new things.

3. You have given me a whole new level of awesome nerd that I would have never been able to achieve on my own ;)


Madeline said...

The House Cup has changed my life because I've met so many friends, I've gotton more knitting time in, and I feel so much more productive. THe people are friendly, the classes challenging yet fun. The House Cup is awesome, and I thank everyone who has been a part of it!

~ -Knit-Chick- of Ravenclaw

Allison said...

Alethea of Ravenclaw.

The house cup has been a real blessing for me in getting projects finished and off my needles, and in forcing me to alternate large and small projects. I am the sort of person who tends to spend endless time planning projects, with the logical but unfortunate result that I have stacks of books and magazines and piles (and piles) of yarn, and a fair number of WIP's, and surprisingly few FO's for the amount of time I spend on knitting. I like to knit for myself, so gift-related deadlines don't help much, but having the Cup as an inspiration to finish has been very effective.

I've also very much valued the friends I've made, especially in the Ravenclaw tower. It's been a rough few months, and having folks online (and entirely out of any of the assorted situations) to listen and sympathize has been a great blessing.

MathCogIdiocy said...

jacquiG, 2nd year Ravenclaw.

The House Cup has been/is a really nice social venue for me. It's nice to talk with (and meet) people whose idea of a good time is not getting drunk every night.

I also know that the House Cup is getting me off my butt and getting design ideas drafted and sometimes made - 3/4's of my class projects were my own ideas which is really pretty good for me. I've certainly finished more projects since coming here last September than I have previously in the same amount of time.

I'm hoping that I can be here for a long long time. :-)

Dani said...

Coleva of Slytherin.

I actually FINISH PROJECTS, instead of starting a billion of them and moving on when something shiny catches my eye. And I've met a ton of fun people, it's been great.

Hales said...

Hale of Gryffindor.

The House Cup has had a huge effect on my life. I was one of those knitters who would start a project and then have an ADD moment half way through and start something else. The Cup forces me to focus on certain projects and makes me finish them. Not to mention it's helped me learn new techniques that I probably would have shied away from without it.

Finally, the people I've met along the way have been the best and have really helped me a lot. It's nice to know there are people around who share a common thread, so to speak. :)

baby_java said...

I am so glad you made the house cup. Everyone has been so encouraging while I was dealing with my moms cancer. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through without your guy.

Thank you so much for starting this group!!

Gogogirl84 of Slytherin

R said...

AerieIris of Slytherin

The House Cup has encouraged me to look at my knitting in a different way and try new techniques. I have greatly enjoyed meeting people with similiar interests.

Thank you for creating this group.

kging02 said...

Lalaith of Hufflepuff here.

When I joined the House Cup, I was looking for something that would spark new creativity. I had gotten into a rut, particularly of looking at lots of pretty patterns and yarn and not really knitting much of it, and when I did knit, it was mostly the same types of items. What I have enjoyed most about the Cup is the way it has encouraged me to dig into my stash and my queue and do more knitting. Especially among the Puffs there's the perfect combination of competition and fun and encouragement that I find really motivating.

oriocookie said...

How the House cup has changed my life..let me count the ways
by oriocookie Gryffindor

hmmmm... lets see.

1)I now have a yarn stash that is way to big

2)a queue that is so large there is no way I will knit it all

3)I have learned and loved (and sometimes hated) new techniques.

4)I have met great new friends that I will always love.

5)I have been inspired to make things I wouldn't have otherwise made.

6)I was originally a crocheter, and now I knit and spin too.

7)There is understanding, support and love from everyone and that is so important especially on bad days, but also on good when there are people to be excited with you and squeeeee about things.

8)it is a much needed escape from reality, but also an anchor to the real world

9)My husband supports my yarny habit because "its for HPKCHC"


Lisakbye said...

I love the House Cup! I have cyber-met so many wonderful people! There is so much talent and I enjoy seeing all the imagination coming to life here. Everyone is so willing to help when needed, whether it involves the fiber activities or real life issues. Being involved in the Cup has increased my desire to try new and challenging projects as well as inspiring my own creativity! All the enablers have been such help with getting me to add new crafts to my already laden hobby list. I just don't know what I would do without it.

Did I say how much I love the House Cup?

Thank you so much!
Lisakbye - Gryffindor

Amy V. said...

Bidibid of Slytherin here!

I'm coming to the end of my first term in the House Cup, and I'm loving it so far, and am grateful to all the people who put their time and talents into organising and running it.

Being part of the House Cup has changed my life by making me more confident and adventurous and prolific as a knitter, even in these three months. I'm motivated to finish more things, and feel supported to tackle bigger and more complicated projects. I also participated in the Ravelympics, which I probably wouldn't have had the gumption to do without experience with the House Cup...

I'm also enjoying the social side, chatting to so many people on the other side of the world. I love the enthusiasm of the other students and staff, and the vast quantities of knowledge and goodwill floating around Hogwarts. :)

~liz said...

straayerliz of gryffindor

The HPKCHC has not only encouraged me to knit faster than before and be more creative with my knitting, but also I have learned to crochet and spin as encouraged by my housemates and their beautiful work. On top of the growth for my crafting, I have met some amazing people!!!

Anonymous said...

Akasha111182 of Ravenclaw House.

The House Cup has helped me meet a fantastic new group of knitters who love to talk about anything and everything, not just knitting (I love that about the internet). I do have a special place in my heart for my Tower-mates, but from occasional visits to the Slytherin dungeons to squeeing over sci-fi with a Hufflepuff in one of the classes, people are just all around... awesome.

Having firm deadlines for classes also helps me finish projects, because without that deadline, I'd probably have put a few things into hibernation just because they weren't behaving as they were supposed to. And while I have yet to get to my first sweater, there's an OWL waiting to happen with that too. The good-natured challenge of the whole thing is great, because it pushes those of us who want to be pushed, and lets those less crazy-obsessive play along and enjoy it :-)

Fluttervale said...

The house cup has completely renovated my knitting hobby. I have made so many friends, had so much support, and participated in so many wonderful conversations. I have tried new things, found new patterns, discovered new techniques, simply from perusing other people's homework. The homework assignments have lead to further creativity in what-to-do-with-this-yarn discussions with myself. I have been much, much more productive with my charity knits this term, far more than ever before, and I can say that my favorite FO's have all been homework for class.

HolyCuteness said...

HolyCuteness of Slytherin

The House Cup got me back into knitting after a long hiatus. I don't think I'd finished a project in over 4 years! Additionally, it got me spinning enough to actually open my etsy shop and keep it productive. Plus I've made a number of friends that I never would have met otherwise! All around it helped me through a bout of depression and anxiety and now I can walk into a crowd IRL and talk to someone without breaking a sweat!

Bobbi said...

I'm bobbilicious from Ravenclaw. The House Cup has done several things for me. In the beginning, the assignments encouraged me to learn cabling and lace patterns. I'm much more likely to get projects done in a timely fashion. The OWLs have opened my imagination to making more difficult items than I might just choose on my own.
I've made friends here. I know that I can open up about anything and my House Cup friends will support me or offer advice or encouragement. Even though membership is enormous now it still feels like family.
Finally, I love having a place to go every day. Even if I don't post anything I look at the projects and see what's going on in the Great Hall - and it's great seeing all of the darling babies! House Cuppers have the cutest little ones!

Leandra said...

Biteyfish of Slytherin.

The House Cup has drastically changed how I knit. The classes inspire me to be a lot more productive. I've always done better with a little bit of instruction, and in this case giving me a jumping off point for projects and a deadline each month makes me knit far more than if I left to my own devices.

I'm also much less serious about my knitting. I used to mostly knit things I thought were "useful" in some way -- hats, scarves, blankets. But the House Cup has inspired me to not only be more creative in my knitting, but a little more frivolous as well. I'm now knitting little toys and such that aren't strictly "useful" but they're fun to knit and they fit a class.

Vertigo1414 said...

The house cup effected my life because i never would have met the knitter's i've met (in RL and on here) with out the cup. I live in a very isolated area without a car and when i get home the first thing i do is turn on my computer to see what "the girls" are up to. I've been known to check the Gryffindor common room on my RSS reader on my phone when i should be working...also i probably would have never tried crocheting, dyeing or spinning would the help and support of people from the Cup.
Vertigo1414 of Gryfindor (roar)

Pam said...

PEby of Slytherin

Where to begin? I've certainly increased my FO count thanks to the House Cup. It has helped me assess the time a project will take ME to complete and to plan accordingly (I still fail at this quite often, but I'm slowly getting better!) Class assignments and quidditch cheers have spurred my creativity.

The people in the Cup are also a wonderful addition to my life. Knowing that there are so many people ready and willing to help when I run into problems with a project makes me a much bolder crafter. Checking the house cup group and reading and participating in all the conversations (be they humorous, educational, supportive, chit-chatty) is something I look forward to regularly.

Thank you Onica, and everyone in the cup for making this such a worthwhile group!

Knitting in the Rain said...

Working4yarn of Slytherin.

The House Cup has definitely had an effect on me. It has helped me look at my knitting differently and actually take on (and more importantly, FINISH) small projects on a monthly basis. Doing an OWL this term was even better. I learned to push on through the "ick" and "I'm bored" phases to cross the finish line in a pre-defined time frame. What a feeling of accomplishment!

I've also loved the comraderie, enthusiasm and sharing I've found in the common room. The mix of people from all over the world as well as my own local knitting group has been great. I've enjoyed meeting other House Cuppers IRL, at fiber festivals, movie openings and occasionally - just because they were passing through town.

jessica said...

The house cup has had a great effect on me. First of all... I work well under pressure and deadlines. I love being able to say that ____ has to be done by the 30th... It has also made me stretch my imagination. My family has more warm things to wrap up in... and i've even committed to making a sweater for my 6'4" DH, love those OWLs! The ha has also given me friendships that i would have never found if it weren't for the house cup. I also love the appreciation that other knitters/crocheters show when you finally finish something or when you try something new, so much support. I have also taken up crochet, a new skill. My spinning has also been improved... the gryffies are great enablers ;D I love improving skills and techniques and finding new things to learn.

Thanks PrincessO for this wonderful place that i get to come to day after day, such a lovely gift!

naturallyknitty - Gryffindor

Helen said...

folk of Slytherin agrees that the little one is totally cute. *hugs baby*

Who knew that earning points for Slytherin would motivate me to try new techniques and to finish what I start. I enjoy the puzzled look on Muggle faces when I tell them I play Quidditch. Although I lurk more than I post, I enjoy reading the Common Room banter.

Good people, good times, hotties, knitting, ambition, awesome Headmistress! Thanks!

lavenderblueskies said...

Since actively participating in the World Cup my creativity and productivity have soared. I have learned new things and tried techniques that I'd never encountered before. It is wonderful to be in contact with others who share my fiber passion!

Lavenderblueskies - Ravenclaw

Devon said...

DevonC of Ravenclaw!!

Besides making some amazing friends and discovering loads of new awesome patterns and yarns, I actually FINISH things, and very soon after I start them!!

Thanks Headmistress!

Mary Beth said...

CommaSplice of Gryffindor

Since I joined the House Cup, I've seen my knitting skills increase exponentially - I've finished my first sweater (my OWL project), I learned continental knitting and I knitted a lace scarf for my sister-in-law in less than a month.

What's really nice is all the great people who belong to the House Cup. I live in a kind of knitting wasteland, so I don't have a local yarn store to visit to meet other knitters. Instead, I have my Gryffindor housemates and the rest of my fellow Hogwarts students who I can turn to when I'm struggling with something or if I want to show off my latest package from KnitPicks.

Not to mention that all my fellow House Cuppers love HP as much as I do!

mchesbro said...

Minsue of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has done many things for my knitting:

1. It motivates me to finish things because I like the competitive aspect of it as well as the creativity of responding to a class assignment.
2. It helps me use up odd balls because I'm making (and finishing) smaller projects as I go along.
3. It gives me a chance to see that a sweater doesn't have to take 10 years, real live people finish them in 3 months or less, and maybe so could I.
4. This month I finished my first crocheted object in 30 years -- a pair of socks in a day! Without this group I would never even of thought of trying.
5. And, of course, it connects me to bunches of great people who just happen to share a hobby, but who choose to share so much more with the group.

Carolyn said...

Before the cup I had no idea that there were tons of other people that were in the same nerd family as me!!! I was just so glad to have found a group of people who understood me and had interests in the same things! The cup has also changed my knitting COMPLETELY!!! I used to be completely comfortable with just making garter stitch scarves, I mean I had made a few bags and had just starting making a mobius when I first joined the cup, but now I am making socks!!! and hats!!! and fingerless gloves!!! And all sorts of other things that I never considered myself good enough to make, the cup has pushed me to try new things and to be a more creative knitter!!

ZTAgirlknits of Gryffindor

Flying Goat Farm said...

The House Cup has helped me with my motivation to finish projects and pushed me to challenge myself as a maker. I have learned so much about technique from other more experienced crafters, and learned/forced myself to not do things halfway- to learn the "correct way" then change my mind if I want to! It is also a brilliant way to connect with other lovely people who have fibers on the brain just as much as I do! :^)

theflyinggoat- Ravenclaw

E said...

How has the house cup changed my life? Let me count the ways! Before finding the House Cup, I didn't know anyone else who could name and demonstrate 7 different cast off techniques, or collected knitting books like a Ravenclaw. Now I have a tower full of buddies who create lists of books (that I like, and some that I hadn't read yet!) and I am not alone in the pursuit of fibre knowledge and joy. My family has always been aware that I love knitting--now they look at the spinning wheel I am making for a house cup class, and just shake their heads. When my grandma died, and I was having such a hard time, my fellow cuppers were there for me, sharing love, support and daily hugs (virtual and otherwise). I've finished more projects, and tried more new ideas, since I've been knitting here. I can't imagine not being here to share in the tower's fun.

Boppingbeth, of Ravenclaw

J-Mi said...

Before the HPKCHC, I barely used Ravelry. I'm a 3rd year, May 2009 was my first term, and I can't remember what I did before the House Cup.

It didn't take me long to fall in love with my fellow Slytherins. My Big Snake from my first term, aerieiris, made me realize right away that I had found somewhere I belonged. I've been a Slytherin prefect the last two terms, and I love poking and harassing the first years....I mean...erm..I love the fellowship and encouragement of the Dungeon.

I think my crafting productivity has actually slowed somewhat (which has nothing to do with sitting in the Dungeon, staring at hotties...honest.) but I finally learned to knit, inspired by the gorgeousness coming out of the Cup, and tried dyeing yarn for the first time this term.

And being Gazebogal's partner in crime these last two terms has been incredible, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

*Raises a glass to Onica and the incredible minds that brought us the House Cup*

suenosdejmi, Slytherin

MIQuilter said...

mkaston of Slytherin.

The House Cup has really challenged me to not only learn new things but to actually finish projects that I start. I have also become a much more efficient knitter due to the sheer volume of projects I've been encouraged to work on. I also really enjoy seeing how others interpret the assignments.

Knit-Knot said...

knitknot - slytherin

The House Cup has helped me keep my dedication to knitting down my stash. I knitted a bunch of patterns I had wanted to make but hadn't had time, be more creative (trying to figure out how to knit down my stash). I have met some really great housemates and friends.

I can't wait for the next term.

rambunctiousky said...

rambunctiousky of Ravenclaw here!

I have so loved being in the housecup! I would never have made my OWL, a project that is something I will forever be proud of, if it had not been for the cup. I get such great support, advice, and endless inspiration. The Housecup helps push me to knit more! I love every moment here and am so so so glad I found the group!

I wrote an entry in the Ravenclaw blog about my experience knitting an OWL here:

Tanya Klowden said...

Polcamilla of Slytherin House here.

Well, aside from the fact that the House Cup has gotten me to do a whole bunch of cool project I would have probably never attempted otherwise (the whole preschool is still cooing over all the new play food), I've been able to reconnect with an old friend that I had lost touch with, which is really nice. We were close in our schooldays and it was so surprising to see someone and know I KNOW them. It's like Facebook, but without all the annoying little games and comments to keep track of.

Also, I'm spinning now. I probably can't blame that entirely on the HPKCHC but it was definitely a strong, insidious influence.

pacasha said...

I think the answer is pretty standard. Housecup has made my knitting so much better. Better craftmanship, more challenging and I actually finish my projects. I've been able to take on new skills like spinning, with the help of other cuppers. I've made such wonderful friends and actually, I'm hoping to meet up with a fellow hufflepuff in two weeks halfway around the world. That's pretty amazing.

pacasha of hufflepuff

tolebytobielynn said...

tolebytobielynn, first year Gryffindor; The house cup has opened me up to new knitting styles and techniques; even dyeing yarn for the first time ever. This semester has been difficult for me personally and I haven't been able to participate as much as usual but my housemates have been kind and supportive and the house cup has been keeping me sane during a very difficult and trying time. Thank you!

dschrock said...

How has the House Cup effected me? Let's see, over the 15 months I've been involved, I've

Learned to use a digital camera.
Learned to put pictures on the Internet.
Learned to post in a forum.
(Learned what a forum is.)
Created a part-time job for myself as OWL Examiner.
Created most of the OWLs.
Played on a winning Quidditch team.
Posted points on a Google spreadsheet and did not cause a global collapse of the system.
Got brave and actually had a RL meet-up with a fellow House Cupper (hurray for Scarlettb!).
Met like-minded (slightly obsessive, yarn-enabling) souls.
Discovered my happy space where I always feel better.
Rediscovered my creative spark and inner geek nerdiness (it was being repressed).
Regained a great deal of self-respect by realizing I still have talent and imagination and can learn new skills (I was going through a very bad patch when the Cup started).

Thanks, everyone.

fricknfrack of Ravenclaw

Cori said...

Oh, which do I choose... I LOVE the House Cup. I am finishing far more projects than I have in the past. That's one way. I am also trying new techniques and patterns I wouldn't have otherwise.

But the thing it's done for me that I think is most important is that I have made so many new friends over the past several months. Seriously, these people are so amazingly awesome. If you pop into the Hufflepuff common room, it's easy to see how much Puff love is always going around. I love the connections I have made, all of them!

Thanks so much! And thanks to all the staff members who put in so much work to make this by far the best group on Ravelry.

Coribug -- Hufflepuff

Anonymous said...

I get more projects completed, photographed, and shared with others than I did before. Which makes me want to complete even more projects. It helps me give structure to my hobby. :)

richtergasse, Puff

Crystal said...

I have learned more about knitting and crocheting than I EVER would have on my own! I've also learned first hand how much shared love and good wishes can make a difference in someones life. The house cup is amazing!

Silverwing26 Ravenclaw

Zanahoria12 said...

Zanahoria12 of Slytherin

I have been SO efficient as a knitter (except this month, but that's Real Life's fault) since joining the House Cup. I've made a lot of projects that I wanted to make but were likely to be stuck in queue-land. And I've also tried different techniques, and even different crafts. My crochet techniques have improved immensely and I have started to try spinning...and I have even dyed some yarn!

Additionally, I have made some really great friends that I truly believe had a great deal to do with keeping my sane during my tenure as a graduate student.

I am so grateful for everything that the admins and moderators do for this group. I don't know who I'd be without it.

ajdag said...

i think first of all the house cup forced me to knit. when i first joined i had only just learned to knit. so i wasn't sure about any of i have no person here that could teach me. the house cup has helped so much in that.all the people that can answer questions and point in the direction of what is needed. all the loverly people that are so help full and nice!
i take a knitting project with me all the time.
ajdag for Gryffindor

Darlene said...

How has the House Cup changed my life? Let me count the ways...

I have developed an irrational eagerness for the first day of the month. And an excessive worry about how close I am to the last day of the month.

PST has now become "Princess Onica Standard TIme" (thank heavens I'm not currently teaching time zones).

I have increased my productivity immeasurably, to the point where I have the fewest WIPs I think I have ever had as a knitter.

At the same time, I am keeping myself challenged creatively, when I am otherwise likely to sink into the black hole of mundanity.

My favourites and queue lists have both grown exponentially (although, thanks to the January assignments, they both are tagged within an inch of their lives!)

I have learned how to post digital pictures, and can now do so almost seamlessly.

Crochet is no longer a dirty word in my vocabulary; I now actively look for patterns in that craft, and MAKE THEM, because "hey, this will work for Transfiguration!" My first crocheted pattern I ever made start to finish was for this group, and since then I have developed an interest in learning much more.

I have participated in online crafting contests doing crafts that I am not expert in (hello, crocheted bedsocks!)

It's pushed me to get back into designing stuff, and not working so much by rote patterns. And into leading groups again.

It's given me a positive place to hang out when my RL was less than stellar. This place in general exemplifies "being awesome to each other", which is a nice change from the usual internet groups.

To top it it all off, I have met so many cool people in this group and been introduced to new things and ideas.And I have had a blast.

Thanks to all the teachers,TAs and organizers for all the hard work that you do

Darlene said...

Whoops! Apparently, one thing it has failed to do is to train me to give my name, rank and serial number! Ah well, there's always next term :-) !

This was Stuartsmom of Gryffindor...

Zsanica said...

The House Cup has helped me to follow through and actually complete my projects. I sometimes suffered from cast-onitis before joining. Now I find that I am more able to finish projects in a timely fashion (even though I sometimes choose projects I don't have time to finish in a month because of school).

Zsanica - Slytherin

djmeurer said...

The house cup has given me some wonderful friends. It has help me to focus my crafting time to truly evaluate if a project is worth my time. It helps me finish things that otherwise wouldn't get done and try techniques that otherwise would get put off. It gives me inspiration and a place to go when things aren't working well. it's the first time Ive been on a real team. I love the comaderee
my name is DJMeurer and I am a proud ravenclaw

Miss Molly said...

Holly cow the house cup has changed so many things for me...second sock syndrome...gone! It makes me challenge myself almost every day by setting deadlines and getting things done so much faster.

It is also a very comfy place to go with questions and never feeling silly to ask how to graft a toe...hmm which I must learn soon!

Donkeyeggs of Slytherin

Jenn said...

Luckynumbers of Hufflepuff here!

I suppose the first thing the house cup has done for me is actually force me to finish projects! I am the queen of UFO's and I think I've actually finished my projects in my three terms in the housecup then I have the rest of my knitting life!

It's also helped with my, okay, it's increased it but that's helping right? Look at all the options I have.

Lastly but most importantly, I've made some great friends on here and wouldn't trade them for anything!

Sandra said...

Well, unlike a lots of people it's not inspired me to finish my wips, as I'm rather anal and have to finish one project before I start the next. Then came OWLS, so I had to start something - leave it and start something else - horror! So it's encouraged me to be more relaxed and have faith that I will finish things.

Plus, it's done absolutely nothing for the cleanliness of my house. Who wants to be cleaning the bathroom/ironing/washing when there's a charms (or some such) project to knit? No-one, that's who! So The House Cup has made me take time for myself.

Finally, probably the most important is all the lovely people that you meet and talk to. They're so friendly and there is always someone who can help with knitting/crochet problems, or inspire you to do more and try different things. I've learnt so much since I've been here.

I even learnt that you do crochet without a foundation chain and if that's not life changing, I don't know what is!

tiggersjp - Hufflepuff

charmingberry said...

Charmingberry of Ravenclaw

New to knitting, the house cup has given me a push to really work on my skills. My personality type needs assignments and deadline to keep me focus and on track. I have taken up many crafts through the years. Knitting has stuck though. I do think it is because I have a team that depends on me. I get so excited the first of the month to see the class assignments! It's like entering into a candy store to see what they have today :)

suzanneoswald said...

I suzanneoswald of Hufflepuff, believe that HPKCHC has changed my live in that it has given direction and challenge to my favorite hobbies, knitting and crocheting.

Caitirin said...

The most amazing thing that the housecup has done for me is to challenge me to create beyond what I imagined that I could do. I've learned cables, I learned lace knitting, I learned front post double crochet, I started spinning!

And it keeps me motivated to keep on crafting!


Lori said...

I LOVE HPKCHC! I've made more in the past few months than I have in my past 9/10 years of knitting/crochet. Let's hear it for productivity! I make it a goal to learn 1 new technique a month (for March it was socks for the Ravenclaw March of Socks!)
I'm becoming well known amongst my circle of friends and relatives as the person who makes cute kids stuff. I'm starting to get commissions and I'm opening an Etsy shop called "Sweet City Knits". It's just a way for me to do what I love and make a (little) bit of money for doing it.
-Crankyangel of Ravenclaw House

jessajune said...

This is just my first term in the house cup, but already I have met lots of really interesting and fun folks PLUS I have finished SO MANY PROJECTS. Normally, you see, I have problems with startitis. Having class deadlines to finish projects has been fantastic for motivating me to finish what I start! Yay!
- JessaJune of Slytherin

Disneyette said...

Disneyette of Slytherin:

The House Cup has changed my life by helping to validate two of my top interests - Harry Potter and knitting - in a way that those around me in RL failed to do. Of course, I have friends that are interested in Harry Potter, but none even close to the extent that I am (which is why my Harry Potter Scene It game sits around unplayed). And I only know one knitter in RL, whom I hardly get to see above once a year.

When I found the House Cup and the hundreds of other players who share my passions, it helped me stop wishing I had other interests to match those of the "normal people" around me. I think feeling free to indulge in HP and knitting at the same time has had a visibly positive effect on my productivity and quality of FOs. Yay for HPKCHC! :)

Helga Marie said...

Already a follower,
QallieQ-Slytherin (for now)

I love the cup for the new friendships,and the push to knit and finish projects.

There really are not many Knit Groups near me that I have an interest in joining, so these are great chicks to knit with!

Meg said...

Eightlegeddj of Ravenclaw here to say that through the House Cup, I have met so many warm, intelligent, fun women from all over the world who have become real friends. It has introduced me to a fellow Ravenclaw who lives near by! Some of these women are very different from myself and that's great! It has also helped me to learn more about knitting, both resources & techniques, and it's building my confidence as well. With this group on my side, I will master colorwork! This is by far my favorite group on Ravelry and one where folks are supportive and sincere. I know we'd be great friends if we all lived just a little closer together. It looks like I'll have a chance to meet some fellow House Cuppers at the MDS&W festival and I couldn't be more excited!

paganinigirl said...

paganinigirl of Hufflepuff.

I love love love the house cup. It has completely changed my life. Since I joined, I have become a faster knitter, gained the ability to actually FINISH things, developed the self control to wait a week before casting on, increased the amount of yarn I get from my stash, started to actually complete projects that I have planned, updated my Rav project page with photos, learned to spin, and so much more!!!!!!

In addition to improving me personally as a knitter/spinner, the House Cup has connected me to the people on Ravelry. Now I know that there are actually people who know htat I am there and I am connected for the first time to other knitters, since I only know 3 knitters in real life and I am not close friends with any of them since they are all 30 years older than me. Here, age doesn't matter.

I am only a first year, but already I have forgotten what my life was like before the House Cup. thanks so much to Princess Onica, Hilltop Katie, andall of the professors and OWL examiners who work so hard. You guys let the House Cup continue, and you all work really hard. Thanks also to my mentor, coribug. All of you guys are so amazing!!!!!!!

bisy_backson said...

yarnvista of Hufflepuff.

The House Cup has changed my life by helping me achieve my crafting goals in a shorter amount of time. I've always been a prolific crafter, but having deadlines has helped me be more focused and has motivated me to knit and crochet over 4 1/2 miles of yarn out of my stash so far- & I'm only a first year!

I've also met a lot of great people and have a blast keeping up with them in the common room, or at least trying to.

Finally, I've developed a bit of an obsession with the color yellow and badgers and have a new collection of both!

James said...

The best thing about the House Cup? The House Cup. The people, the insanity, the ability to bring together so many people from so many wonderful places, ways of life, religions, values, and all the rest, and you know what? I've never heard a discouraging word in the place. We don't fight. We hold each other's hands. We hug, and laugh, and have a darned good time of it. It's a much needed respite for me in the middle of a now VERY busy life.

Oh, and I ran into an old high school buddy because of the House Cup. Polcamilla of Slytherin and I both went to the same RL high school, some 15 years ago! Who knew?

Fosterson, of Slytherin.

hellcatlisa said...

Been trying since last night to post--like a true Ravenclaw, I am determined. :-) House Cup has been a great thing for me. I look at projects differently now, playing with techniques I might never have tried. It's given me a great community to interact with of people who care about each other. Thanks PrincessO! Sincerely, DixieHellcat of Ravenclaw

mv59 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dami said...

damiknitter of slytherin

In some ways the house cup has enabled me to keep my sanity. I'm the first to admit that my work doesn't really challenge me (and the situation doesn't look like it'll improve anytime soon - more going backwards) and let's just say that one particular manager was definitely not a positive influence in my life.

However, I'm still employed here as I know that if I just login I'll see so many projects that I want to make myself, and I'll get an injection of determination to step outside my comfort zone.

I often think that without the House Cup, I'd just be in another rut once again, looking for something, anything to relieve the tedium (including resigning with immediate effect). Instead I know that if I just hold out to the end of the working day, I can visit once again.

I must admit unlike a lot of others, my WIPs seem to have been increased by the House Cup - being inspired by a lot of things can be a negative and I keep thinking that I will be able to do all classes this month - really. Which brings me onto another positive aspect in my life. It's provided a safe outlet for my 'bordering on obsessive tendencies' (definitely better for my health than 4 chocolate bars a day.)

Anonymous said...

This is Klio82 from Hufflepuff.

As a first year I haven't been part of the house cup for a long time yet, so I really had to think about your question. But the main thing the house cup did for me was forcing me to focus more on my projects and to try to finish them. Before I would always have multiple projects at once and would constantly switch between them, so nothing ever got finished. I always considered myself a very slow knitter, but now I know that I can actually finish stuff if I concentrate on it. Still, my number of WIPs is rather going up than going down. On the other hand, I've used up quite a bit of stash so far and haven't bought as much yarn as I did last year.
Another thing is that the house cup renewed my interest in crochet because I've been seeing so many nice crochet projects there, so I might crochet more in the future.
But what I love most about the house cup is that I now have a place on Ravelry that I "belong to" where I can go and chat with people. This is also very good practice for my English (my first language is German). And while the house cup does not help my productivity with my Ph.D. stuff and work on the one hand, on the other hand someone there mentioned a Firefox Application to me that really helps be to be more productive, so it's been good for real life as well!

crochetnette said...

jaydee of Gryffindor

The House Cup has allowed me to explore my creativity. For every class that I can participate in, I tried to design my own project, using my available stash. Sometimes I have not been able to come up anything. Sometimes the idea is exciting, but the execution is weak. No matter. I am stretching my imagination, which has been very lazy for a long time.

crochetnette said...

jaydee of Gryffindor

The House Cup has allowed me to explore my creativity. For every class that I can participate in, I tried to design my own project, using my available stash. Sometimes I have not been able to come up anything. Sometimes the idea is exciting, but the execution is weak. No matter. I am stretching my imagination, which has been very lazy for a long time.

Jami said...

One of my goals this year was to be less of a lurker, and more of an active participant in groups. The HPKCHC got me involved in a way that I have never been on ravelry, and it has really got me excited about knitting again.

I started a new job last year which was really all consuming, and this group got me back knitting with friends, hanging out on ravelry, and I feel like it helped me reset priorities.

Thanks to all of you who donate precious time, energy, and expertise to this truly wonderful group. I look forward to reading the posts each day, and am in awe at the amazing projects and the funny, lovely people.

Darwinia from Hufflepuff

Kelly said...

I love the House Cup so much, that I'm not sure I can put it into words. The very first house cup I was seeker on the quidditch team. I designed a bag. I had never designed anything in my life. Now, I feel it is something that I can do. I have a pile of designs in my head. One day I will get around to writing them down, and perhaps selling them or even offering them for free. But without the housecup, I'm not sure that it is something that I would have considered possible. Thank you for creating this wonderful game.

Hoodlumknit (Hufflepuff)

Ray said...

RayOLR of Hufflepuff

The House cup has been a great incentive for me to finish what I start. I used to start lots of things, but then I didn't work on them regularly and ended up getting bored and frogging. Now I start few things at a time and I strive to finish them.

It has also made me much braver. I now try new things without a care in the world! I just feel like I am capable, I believe in myself a lot more.

Also, I don't have any friends in RL who can knit or crochet. My mother does some basic crochet and that's it. The house cup put me in touch with crafting people and it opened up a whole new world for me. I learned so much that I'm actually a bit embarrassed to say it, but these are some them:
"Cables! So that's what those bumpy things are called!"
"Spinning! Who would have thought that's how yarn is made..."
"Dyeing! What a cool concept. I can get yarn in the exact color that I want."
As ridiculous as it sounds, I'm like a city girl discovering that milk does not come from the carton. This was probably the biggest change in my life.

On top of that, the house cup brought me "the hufflepuff common room". I found that it is a wonderfully cozy place where I can say whatever I want and there will always be someone there to understand and support me. I often relax there, just reading the posts, clicking 'loves' and 'agrees' when I have nothing to say, and even if it's not a real place, it has a very real atmosphere that gets to me.

lycanthropica said...

Lycanthropica of Slytherin!
Wow I can't believe this wasn't already in my followed blogs!

The house cup has let me meet so many interesting people who enrich my life everyday. Many are American, Americans get a bad wrap here and it has really made me realise how many cool Americans there are.

I make about 300% more things than I would without the House cup as well as trying far more challenging things than I thought I could do.

It also led to me setting up the HPKCHC Traveling Scarves group on Ravelry spreading the love around the world with scarf squares!

Thanks PrincessO you are great

Covington said...

Covington of Slytherin

The House Cup has brought me back to knitting/crocheting and Ravelry after a long hiatus. (I had been dealing with a hard time in my life.) I met great friends at the Cup as well as learned many new techniques. Thanks for everything.

CC said...

Ccknits of Ravenclaw -

Oh wow. First off, I have a tower full of wonderful, helpful, supportive people to wake up to. I usually go read posts in the morning and even though I don't post a lot, reading kind posts just starts the whole day off on a nice note. Second, I now have the extra motivation to push through the second sock syndrome and all those finishing issues to actually complete things! It makes it so much easier to justify yarn purchases! Third, a day with Harry Potter involved is always more fun. Lastly, it's just a wonderful group of people in a place that seems to bring out the best in people, both personality and knitting. Thank you Headmistress.

savvy-stitch said...

The HPKCHC has allowed me to live my dream of being a Hogwarts student and all things Harry Potter related with a ton of other people just as excited! I love being in this world and making new friends! It combines my passions of knitting and HP.

savvy-stitch of Hufflepuff

Anonymous said...

Hak42 of Slytherin

The House Cup has changed my life by making fiber arts a regular part of my life. This little side hobby I started just over a year ago, has now become a major part of my life in large part due to the challenge and inspiration of the House Cup and its community.

alexist said...

I had no idea how much fun it would be to have a community of like-minded crafters to hang out with like this. The support and inspiration of being surrounded by everyone's fantastic creativity has really raised me to new heights. It sounds corny but it's true! The HPKCHC has allowed me to embrace my inner Gryffindor!

My very first month I knit my first sweater, and since then I've added to that list of firsts without hesitation. Top-down socks with heel flaps, illusion knitting, slip-stitch cables, knitting with laceweight, toe-up socks with non-pick-up heel flaps, mitts with gussets, felting, whole sweaters knit sideways, and even stranded colorwork! I've reworked patterns, rearranged patterns, and made them up from scratch. I've finally grown confident enough to give my knitting as gifts.

Not bad for a girl who once had to drop out of basic art class before she failed!

And while yes, this is all in some respects all about yarn, it reaches out from there. Ever gone through a time when nobody ever really saw what you did? When nobody was looking for much from you, and it went on enough that you sort of forgot to look for much from yourself? Yeah, well, it can mean a lot when a bunch of people notice how great your project came out, or like your goofy little postings. My inner Gryffindor may not have fully emerged beyond the knitting and virtual realms yet, but she remembers now.

Alexist of Gryffindor.

dragyn said...

Dragyn of Hufflepuff here.

Since I've started my first term in the House Cup I've become much, much more productive than I ever was before. Projects are getting started and finished (before a very rare thing!) all over the place. I've also been actively spinning a lot more than I ever did before. The best part though, is the discussion with all my housemates and the other House Cuppers. Even when I don't have time to actively participate it's really encouraging to read about everyone else's exploits and lives. It makes me feel so connected and really a part of something bigger.

Thank you for starting such an awesome group!

Christine said...

Christine A from Gryffindor, since joining I have noticed an increase in productivity both in my spinning and knitting. Thanks for the kick in the butt to get things done!

Steph said...

needlesnswiffers of Hufflepuff!

First, I've read every comment here and find that in some way I agree with all of them.

Knitting and crochet are things I love to do, and with a young family I'd forgotten to take a little bit of time to recharge and ground myself. Half-baked projects would be started or not even get that far, and I'd tell myself that *someday* I'd get around to it. Now, there are many things that will have to wait for *someday* but I've tried new techniques and taken on small projects that never would have gotten off the ground and big projects that would have dragged on forever because of the House Cup. Not to mention the Hufflepuff common room is an awesome place to be because of the awesome people that comprise it.

Also, being in the House Cup is totally worth it just for the reactions that you get when telling people about it. It seems to either tend towards people thinking I'm insane (true!) or so amazed by it that they want to take up a craft so they can play too. :) I think that speaks to what a great idea it is!

Ashley Benham said...

AshleyTree of Ravenclaw.

The House Cup has changed me and my life in so many ways: it has massively improved my knitting skills and finishing time, it has helped me learn more about time management and planning, and it has helped me to connect a little more to the outside world.

This last one is really important, considering that I am self-employed and work at home - new friendships don't come easily in a situation such as this, but the House Cup has connected me to such amazing, kind, supportive, and loving people. Although I haven't met most of them, I do consider my housemates my friends.

Elizbeth said...

Dear Headmistress,
The greatest thing about the House Cup is the fact that you are pushed to try a wide array of new things by the monthly classes. Scrubbies, for example, are not something I would normally have considered knitting. While I fear that too much Hogwarts time would transform the landslide of stash in my home into a landslide of small FOs, this has been a great deal of fun.
Thank you so much for all of the hard work you and your team do to run this.
hutchart of hufflepuff

cindi said...

The House Cup has made knitting even more fun, and I honestly didn't think that was possible. Every month I get to experience that "butterfly in the belly" feeling I used to get as a kid when I was anticipating something fun, like a trip to Disneyland or Christmas morning. Then classes are posted and we're off! I love seeing how everyone interprets the assignments.

cindi said...

Oops! I'm cindiknits of Hufflepuff

Heather said...

HJake of Ravenclaw

I'm a 2nd year and finding the House Cup last year has been great. It is great motivation to work on certain projects and to take on challenging ones with a deadline in mind. My WIP list is WAY down. But I think most important is that all the people are wonderful, and it's great to have a place to just come hang out with people who will be supportive about everything--knitting crises, life problems and victories and everything in between

Lady d'Amiens said...

HPKCHC has been great for my productivity and stress relief. The classes challenge me to make things I've been meaning to make but just never had the motivation. The month deadlines force me to prioritize and don't let me procrastinate. It's not that I feel I've let anyone down when things don't get turned in, but more that I want to contribute to my House's success.

LadyDamiens of Ravenclaw

Aesclinn said...

The House Cup has had a serious effect on me in a lot of ways! I have over-come my fear of dpn's ( I know I can hear the laughter!) for one and I know that by having monthly challenges my creativity and skills have grown much faster than they would have!

I have been inspired to start writting out all of the pattern ideas I have floating around in my head instead of thinking that they're no good. I have requests for my toys from friends of my neices and nephews! This is due to the House Cup! Thank you!
Aesclinn from Gryffindor House

bethgraced said...

Graceleaf of Slytherin

There are so many encouraging, creative people involved in the House Cup! It's been a major motivator to get things knitted in a timely basis. It also helps be to learn to be more creative and brave in my knitting endeavors, but in real life, too! I'm still reliant on patterns (or really good guidlines!) but I'm hoping to try designing something myself one of these days. Now for a good idea... :D

nywear said...

I'm MopsyRoebuck of Hufflepuff.

Apart from the many online friends I've made and the hours of entertainment in the common rooms, the biggest thing I've got from the House Cup is the ice breaker factor in real life. I've had conversations with complete strangers on buses and with people I don't usually talk to much at the office, and made lots of real life friends through knitting and HP. My new boss says "I never would have known that knitting could be so exciting".

Robbie said...

RobbieRobbie of Slytherin here

The house cup has really enriched my life. It has gotten me more involved in the "culture" side of ravelry (before I posted projects, but didn't participate much otherwise). This participation has really helped both my productivity and creativity to grow exponentially. And I love constantly feeling challenged to submit projects, but inspired by the class themes of the month. I also love having a place to connect with other people who love two of my favorite things, knitting and Harry Potter. It's something that i look forward to every day.

I can't thank the professors, TAs, CareTaker, heads of house, prefects, classmates (anyone else i've missed) and of course the Headmistress enough for all the time and love you put into making such a wonderful experience for all of us.

ärgert said...

Peeves loooves the House Cup! It's the very reason for m'existence you know ;-)

TNTknits said...

TNTknits of Slytherin

I have loved participating in the House Cup. It has challenged me, creatively and artistically. I love checking the class assignments and trying to figure out a creative way to fulfill the assignment. And one glance at my Ravelry HPKCHC tab of projects shows me how much I've accomplished in the past year.

Thanks so much, Headmistress, for creating a fun, exciting group. And thanks to every person involved. I've loved meeting you all.

purlie said...

Dear Headmistress, I am greenheron, first year student of Ravenclaw House,

How do I love the House Cup? Let me count the ways:

I love the wonderful stimulus to my knitting creativity. I love getting the new assignments and dreaming up something to make. My productivity has been incredible because I can't bear not to make every one.

I love getting to know my fellow students and seeing all their wonderful projects. Within a group of HP-loving knitters I am surrounded by kindred spirits.

Perhaps my most amazing feat has been learning to use the camera and post photos. Slowly I am learning how to work the forum tools as well.

The coolest thing? When kids see me knitting and I say, "oh, that's my homework for Defense Against the Dark Arts." Wow - they think this old lady is cool!

My real life has been quite challenging lately with lots of family health crises. My HPKCHC knitting has helped me get through some tough times.

And let's not forget the creative writing! I haven't done much writing for years, but now I'm even doing photo essays.

I have lots of experience with all-volunteer endeavors and I know how much work it is to keep something like this going. My deep thanks to you and the entire faculty and staff of Hogwars. You have created a fabulous playground for us all to enjoy.

P.S. - love those baby pictures!!

Nina said...

CherrySprinkle of Gryffindor

The house cup has brought me friendships in many forms and I am really grateful to have gotten to know them over the past 3 months. I never would have had the chance to meet them if it wasn't for HPKCHC. I have really enjoyed this term and loved my housemates. I hope many of them will come back.

It's also helped me get my lists organized, projects finished, and the courage and support to tackle things I never thought possible.

Kelsey said...

Participating in the House Cup has forced me to learn new techniques, see amazing projects completed by talented crafters, talk to dozens of interesting, funny, caring and supportive people, and stay up all hours of the night working on group projects for what my husband thinks are imaginary points in a pretend game with imaginary people (how wrong he is). It's fantastic!

woodchip of Hufflepuff

Sophia N Marx said...

The House Cup has changed my life in so many ways. I do get a lot more crafting done, but I have found it easier to relax. I have had a lot of drama in my life over the last couple of years, and thee House Cup has gotten me through.

I have also found a wealth of good friends that understand me.

snmarx - Ravenclaw

Emily said...

NoNeinNyet of Ravenclaw

The House Cup has pushed me to do many things - including setting unrealistic goals. This will be the second time I won't be able to finish my owl on time but it will be the second time that I'll have taken on a large project I had been considering earlier and hadn't talked myself into starting.

Kathryn said...

discombobbled of Ravenclaw

I finish things now. At one point in the past, I had an entire canvas tote filled with sad knitted items that just needed their poor ends woven in or their seams sewed. Now, I take good care of my finished objects and do all their finishing work right away.

However, I value the House Cup and my Ravenclaw housemates most for providing me support when I needed it most. Last term, just three days after moving to a new city where I knew no one, I lost my pregnancy and felt terribly, terribly alone in my grief. Although the gesture of lighting candles was small in its way, it meant the world to me and it helped me considerably in that dark time.

Thanks, everyone!

lupingirl said...

Lupingirl of Gryffindor.

The House Cup has turned me into a Ravelry addict. I truly have no control over the number of times in a day that I check for replies or messages.

On a more serious note, the House Cup has made me a fearless knitter and a much more motivated one. I finish probably 10 times as many projects as I did before I joined the game and am much more willing to try new techniques.

Galena said...

Because of the House Cup I'm knitting and crocheting a lot more than I would otherwise. Even with this month being overly busy, I still found time to craft.

I also have tried things that I wouldn't have before. I started spinning and now I'm tempted to do some fair isle and even steek.


aksunflour said...

aksunflour of Hufflepuff a 5th yr:

The house cup has encouraged me to knit items i normally would never have considered or even attempted. And such an amazing concept: get them done in one month? Without these deadlines i probably wouldn't be cranking out so many lovely/odd finished projects.

thank you so much for hosting this massive event.

Allena said...

StarKnits of Gryffindor

I love the house cup. since i joined I've gotten more projects done, met more amazing people and just this past "year" i've learned to spin and bought a spinning wheel. which opens up a total new area of projects. I love it.

PrincessO you are AWESOME!!! I'm so happy your brain cooked up the house cup.