Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall '09 Blog Schedule

The new look has been rolled out, and your House Cup reporters are eager to get to work. Here's what to expect from the blog this term:

On Mondays, Vberry will post interviews with Hogwarts staff and students.

On Wednesdays, Covington will give us a look at the House Cup from the eyes of a First Year student.

On Fridays (Headmistress Time, Saturdays in her neck of the woods) Rlynn will post the week's statistics and give birthday shout-outs.

On random days, I will post all that other stuff - A Day in the Life, the HP pattern of the week, and whatever else I decide you need to know.

Two very exciting things happening this term:

First of all, GazeboGal and Foxy have agreed to tell us how it is, in a Dear Auntie Gazebo type column! The dates and frequency of this are fluid at the moment, but keep an eye peeled.

Secondly, we have had a great number of generous people offer prizes, so the staff got together and decided that projects featured on the blog (aside from PrincessOnica's monthly favorite projects posts) will win prizes! Mauri of Gryffindor has already won one of these fabulous prizes for being the fastest wand in the west.

So, take a look around the new blog, be sure to visit the links at the top of the page, and if you have any questions, an idea for an article, want to post a classified ad, or anything else you can imagine, please use the Contact the Editor link.

Have a wonderful term!

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Sherri said...

The new layout is wonderful...and as a first year, it's so exciting to see all the dedication and enthusiasm the moderators(as well as the rest of us!) have for this group. I'm already having a blast!

-Brandybuck of Slytherin House