Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Ravenclaw

The gang over in Ravenclaw Tower had a fun activity. It encouraged interaction in the house AND aided in completing a House Cup assignment. They had a tea-leaf reading party!

Here are some of the comments:

I think it looks like a dancing goat doing karaoke.
Perhaps you’re about to come into a windfall of cashmere?

I see sort of a person in robes on the right wearing a hat with a feather or something.
They are pointing at some floating things. Or maybe those make a bird.

it’s a man wearing a wizard’s hat, I think.
Sideways it’s a cauldron or a face with a really bristly mustache.
The right way up (on the photo), I actually see the grim, which probably isn’t great.
Maybe Sirius Black is coming into your life?
Or it might be a sheep, actually. An exceptionally animated sheep.

To me, there is a great imbalance in my cup. I feel like there are two features (an arm and a ‘pincher’) that are coming out from the mass to try to rectify the imbalance, but they are headed in the wrong direction.

I see Hagrid’s face in you tea leaves, so I think you will be
visited by a half giant soon, or maybe a unique creature.

There is clearly a bird on the side of the cup. A bird is good luck and a sitting bird means I’m waiting for a message. Since this is on the side of the cup, it means my message will be significant but not life changing, so I guess I don’t get relief from my burden anytime soon….

To read more, and to see the pretty pictures, use your time turner & sneak into the tower common room, (or, just start reading HERE)

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