Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly Points Update!


The unofficial point standings are as follows!

Slytherin 1420
Hufflepuff 1020
Ravenclaw 1000
Gryffindor 770

Taking an early lead, is Slytherin- these Snakes seem to be utilizing starting points for projects, with 32% of students completing assignment for which they registered.

In second place this week, the Badgers are at 31.5% completion for registered assignments.

Hanging close, and only 20 points behind 2nd place, Ravenclaw is holding a strong 3rd place. They have completed 27% of projects that have been proclaimed in the classes.

Gryffindor seen to be utilizing the strategy of carefully choosing projects for the assignments, as they are showing 23% completion of projects. However, don’t let these Lions fool you, they might be holding out for bigger projects & seeking bonus points.

Please note that the number of students registered for a class is not a true indication of final participation. Students may register & submit projects up until the end of the month.
Signing up and turning in a project in the same post is allowed. However, the staff request you save their sanity by posting your projects throughout the term, to aid in their time spent grading & tracking points.

The points this week include homeworks submitted in all the classes, including partial submissions, fully completed submissions and OWLs that Professor Fricknfrack has announced as approved as of midday Saturday, May 9. Not included are quidditch points or bonus points of any kind.


J-Mi said...

Woot! Go Slytherin!!!

Great job so far, everyone!

Dragonsinger said...

Huzzah Hufflepuff!!!