Wednesday, May 13, 2009

View From a First Year # 3


It has been a bit since I have had the chance to get to writing this. Unfortunately there has been an upset in my family and I had to leave the school for over a week. Now that I am back I have been busy catching up on homework and now I also have Quidditch looming over my head. Wow, so much for a first year to do! I have been trying to refrain from getting too overwhelmed by kicking back and antagonizing others... umm I mean relaxing, yeah relaxing. I also got an awesome package from the post the other day, it was the third Nightworld book. I am already finished with it. Yes, it was that addictive that I couldn't stop reading it. Anyhow, I better be off have to be heading to class soon.


(Our "View From a First Year" column is brought to you by the letter S, the number 13 and our HPKCHC Hogwarts First Year Slytherin ajkane, whose original post can be found here.)

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