Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of Winter Term & Spring Sign-ups!

WOW. The Winter Term of HPKCHC has come to an end. Many of our students had a difficult term. Not concerning classes here at Hogwarts, but rather in the Muggle world. There were floods, erupting volcanoes, kitchen repairs, illness, computer deaths, ailing family, broken cars, job losses. And also positive, yet distracting things. New jobs, new babies, new homes...

The end of term feast celebration was aided by Casey. He provided party hats to all Hogwarts students & got carried away spreading them throughout Ravelry. There were also some fun party games provided by Casey: chase the random buttons, bugs that skittered across the screen, and I've heard rumors of cats & penguins popping out of the site logo banner!

And even though all assignments have been turned in, the final house points have not been tallied. (There is a LOT of work that these professors do for us!) So in a few days, we hope to have the final term points & we can announce the House Cup Champions!

With the end of term comes the much anticipated Sign-up list for next term. Seven hours after posting the sign-up sheet, there are already over 75 students waiting to be sorted! Term sign-ups will be open through the month of April, and close April 29. Our Sorting Hat is managed by Scarlettb, our Spreadsheet Sorceress. Each student can request his or her top two preferred houses. Or state no preference. ScarlettB has mastered the skills required to keep the sorting fair, keeping the house size even, and keeping the students preferences in mind. This term, as last, returning students have weighted prioity in their house preference. But remember, there is no guarantee that a student will get their top pick. Sometimes the Sorting hat determines a student belongs in a different house.

More updates to follow-- Stay Tuned.


Rosa said...

yay! The counter is up! Good choice!

Onica said...

Love the counter as well.

And I am VERY EXCITED for next term.