Sunday, February 8, 2009

There seems to be a bit of an illness circulating through the castle. It may be something as simple as winter blues or mid-semester slump, but Hogwarts House Cup Students seem to be a bit...unmotivated.
When February's classes were posted, there wasn't a mad dash to sign up for every class. Conversations in the common rooms indicate a lack of enthusiasm. Several students have reported that they don't want to over commit themselves this month. Others are concerned--with OWLs requiring progress reports at the end of the month.
Whatever the cause of this state, the staff has been looking into it, and students have been forbidden to leave the grounds, lest it is passed to others. If students are feeling unwell or experiencing these symptoms, please report to your Head of House or prefects.

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Devon said...

I'm not! I signed up for more classes this month than last :) Though I'm a Ravenclaw, so it's only to be expected.