Friday, January 2, 2009

House Cup Press 1-1

A PDF version of this issue is available via email
for those wishing to print out a higher resolution
copy of this commemorative issue.
Please pm FishOnTheWall on Ravelry.


Renoah said...

The medium Flickr version is a little too small to read. :(

Here's a link to the large version (if that's okay with FotW): House Cup Press

Anonymous said...

ZOMG that looks so cool! But I can't read it cuz it's too small. (T_T)

Thanks for the link in the comments to the big version! Going there now!

Onica said...

Oh my bob, that is awesome!!!!

Fish On The Wall said...

I tried to post the large version, but since the blog has 2 sidebars... I had to go smaller. I'll be happy to email a PDF if you want a better one to print.

Pren said...

oh i would just love one! please. do i need to send you my email address separatley? im prendolyn the weird- gryffindor