Monday, August 4, 2008

The Last Day to Enroll is Aug. 22nd.

Which coincidentally also happens to be my 7th Wedding Anniversary. I'm ending it then in case I have to do some sorting/re-arranging.

Students... don't forget that you can start earning house points today by getting your friends to enroll. Five points to your house for each student referred by you.

Also- there will be prizes to the winning house! I'm a working on it and there will be something! (It's not a huge prize, but it'll work. I hate people going home empty handed. Although there is something to be said for bragging rights)


Jeannie said...

Maybe part of the prize could be a Ravatar with the House Cup and the winning Houses colors or crest? I know I'd LOVE to sport that around Ravelry for a while and brag that my House won the Cup!! Just a thought that you might have already had. :)

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

Wery good idea Jeannie :)
It could also be a pattern, something in the topic of the house winner...?

cmelvin said...

Oh, excellent. The blog is back. I spent yesterday whacking my moniter, then gave up because it was midnight and I was tired.

Incidently, I come back from holiday part 2 on the 24th, so I'm afraid there'll be another gap in the big scary list of participants :) Still, I've been enjoying doing it and it doesn't take long.

Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

So sad that I missed the signups for this - just came across your Rav group on someone's profile. Will be looking forward to next term very eagerly. :)